Golf Lessons in bristol

Golf Lessons

We're a local Bristol golf club with tuition available to all golfers - from beginners to professionals. The teaching is towards the modern approach to the golf swing with an awareness of the player's golf swing characteristics and abilities.

Lessons are conducted in a friendly and professional environment usually with a qualified PGA profesional, with lessons tailored to your own needs, using the latest teaching techniques and aids.

  • Lessons on Putting and Chipping
  • The Swing, Long Game
  • Latest video technology in golf
  • Courses or single lessons
  • Player Development
  • Green Reading
  • Mind Management
  • The Power of Imagery
  • Alignment and Sighting
  • County Coaching Sessions

Group Golf Lessons for Ladies

These group lessons are normally held on a Monday and Saturday. Please book in advance.

Group Golf Lessons for Juniors

These group sessions are normally held on a Saturday and midweek during school holidays. Please book in advance.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available through the year for golf lessons and golf goods within the Professional Shop.

Thinking of joining a golf club in Bristol?

The beginner's program at Henbury Golf Club in Bristol could be the one for you. This program is designed to get the beginner golfer up to speed with all the basic skills and knowledge required for a game of golf. The beginners program has a proven formula, starting with the short game and progressing through to the more complicated long game.

Course Content:
  • A series of 6 golf lessons with a PGA Professional to learn the basic skills in putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, mid irons, long game, course awareness and management
  • Opportunities to meet new and existing golf club members
  • Basic rules & etiquette information and terminology

Why not try our Academy Membership?

The Academy membership is normally used in combination with golf instruction. This membership will allow you to use the practice ground, putting green and netted area, also it includes social membership, which allows you to use the clubhouse and its facilities.