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Golf Lessons

Discover the art of golf with Jamie Cundy, a distinguished PGA Advanced Fellow golf instructor dedicated to unlocking your potential. Jamie’s tailored approach, fundamental focus, and mental game insights ensure a transformative learning journey.

With a variety of lessons and personalised packages, you have the ideal opportunity to enhance your skills and excel on the course. Jamie is also a certified TPI (Titleist Performance Golf Institute) golf instructor specialising in human movement skills and physical golf screenings.

Individual Lessons

30 Minute Lesson£35.00
45 Minute Lesson£45.00
One Hour Lesson£55.00
Junior Lesson£25.00
Mini 2 Hole Playing Lesson£50.00
Full 9 Hole Playing Lesson£120.00
Group Lessons£15.00 (per person)*

*Group Lessons can only be up to a maximum of 6 people at any one time

Lesson Packages

START GOLF – £150 for 3 Hours

Want to get into golf but don’t know anything about the game? This is the perfect programme for you! We will take you from complete novice and give you all of the knowledge needed to be able to start to play golf and give you many hours of enjoyment.


We want you to become the master of consistency from tee to green. This improvement programme is designed to get you hitting more fairways, more greens and having more fun out on the course as a result.

BREAK 100 – £275 for 6 Hours

You are relatively new to the game or have been playing for a period of time and still seem to be struggling with scores over three figures. This improvement programme is designed to give you the skills to break 100 every time you are on the course and allow you to start having more fun.

BREAK 90 – £275 for 6 Hours

If you’re struggling with scores in the mid/high nineties, this improvement programme is designed to give you the skills to break 90 every time you are on the course.

BREAK 80 – £275 for 6 Hours

If your ambition is to reach that dream number and become a single figure handicap then this improvement programme is designed to give you the skills to break 80 every time you go out on the golf course

THE GOLF OF YOUR DREAMS – £500 for 12 Hours

Have you ever wondered how good you could be if you had a coach by your side for an entire year like the tour pros? Here’s your chance! We have designed this improvement programme for a full holistic approach that will leave no stone unturned allowing you to play the golf of your dreams.

Specialised Packages

THE ART OF PUTTING – £150 for 3 Hours

Putting has often been called the game within a game and like anything in golf, good putting starts with great fundamentals. This improvement programme is designed to put you on the right line in becoming a great putter and taking countless shots off your scorecard.

MASTER OF THE GREENS – £150 for 3 Hours

You have learned the putting fundamentals and now want to start holing more putts than ever to become a putting master. This improvement programme is designed to give you the three keys to achieving this.


If you’re new to the game or a high handicap golfer trying to get to grips with the short game this programme is for you. The fundamental techniques of the short game are vital tools for any golfer and learning these techniques will help to dramatically reduce your scores.

MASTER OF THE SHORT GAME – £240 for 5 Hours

So, you know the basic theory on how to play the shots around the green but now you want to hit closer, get up and down more and start dropping those scores. This improvement programme is designed to get your ball closer more often, and give you a clear plan on how to improve from 100 yards and in.

PIN SEEKER – £150 for 3 Hours

The greatest golfers have all been superb iron players. Towering shots that drop like stones, feet from the hole are something we would all like to do. This improvement programme is designed to give you the skills needed to do this and start attacking the pins with confidence.

FIND MORE FAIRWAYS – £150 for 3 Hours

“If only I could get it off the tee it would set me up for the rest of the hole.” We hear this statement all too often. This improvement programme has been designed to help you keep it on the fairway with a few extra yards as a bonus.

BOMB IT BRYSON – £240 for 5 Hours

We all want to hit it like Bryson DeChambeau and knock it miles down the fairway past all our playing partners. This improvement programme is designed to get you hitting it further than ever before. We can give you the tools you need to add at least 20 yards to your tee shots.

THINK LIKE A TOUR PRO – £275 for 6 Hours

The top touring professionals tend to make the right decisions at key moments especially with shot and club selection. Jack Nicklaus once said he would take five shots off a golfers handicap if he did the thinking for them. Let us do this with our on course improvement programme.

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